The Italian Journal of Classical Homeopathy

Il Medico Omeopata is an international journal of Homeopathic Medicine, published by FIAMO and addresses Doctors and Veterinarians.
Established in 1995, the journal is published quarterly in both paper and virtual format online.
The main target of Il Medico Omeopata is to promote the knowledge and evolution of Classical Homeopathic Medicine, also called Unicist. This is a therapeutic method devised and refined by the German Doctor and Scientist Christian Frederich Samuel Hahnemann between the second half of the 18th century and the first half of the 19th.
Il Medico Omeopata is published in Italian; the most significant articles appearing simultaneously in Italian and English.
Original or relatively unknown quality papers which deserve to be known by the whole homeopathic community, are published.

The contents

Il Medico Omeopata publishes papers about the clinic, research and history of homeopathy, as well as interviews with the most significant homeopaths worldwide.
Each issue contains information, reports of congresses and conferences, reviews and a number of sections dealing with events of particular importance concerning the international homeopathic community and the Italian in particular.
The human and veterinary clinics are considered the privileged sector, with articles showing clearly the therapeutic potential of the homeopathic method, according to the first aphorism of the Organon by Dr Samuel Hahnemann: The physician’s ultimate mission is to restore the sick back to health and to cure.
Research focuses on the Pure Substance Testing aspect, known as Proving: HDP = Homeopathic Drug Proving.

The website

On the website you can read the articles of the last issue.

The Authors’ Guide page provides instructions on how to publish on Il Medico Omeopata.

In the Archive section you can find  all the articles of previous issues, with access to hundreds of human and veterinary clinical cases and many valuable articles for the study and research in the field of homeopathy.

The Interviews section allows to know the thought of several contemporary homeopaths.

In Schools of Homeopathy, the Italian schools of the FIAMO Training Department for primary and advanced training in Homeopathic Medicine are presented with help sheets, a short presentation and lists.

The Congress, Conference and Seminar page provides information about courses, seminars and conferences.

The FIAMO – Federation of Homeopathic Doctors and Associations – page introduces the most important Italian homeopathic federation: organization and aims.

The ECH – European Committee for Homeopathy – page includes information about the most important European homeopathic association.

The LMHI – Liga Medicorum Homeopatica Internationalis – page provides information about the world’s leading homeopathic association.