Guidelines to preparing and submitting a manuscript


• as a CD
to the Editorial Office of Il Medico Omeopata
c/o Centro Omeopatico Vescovio – Via Stimigliano, 22 – 00199 ROME
• as a WORD file
by e-mail to the following address:
or to the Editor:


Title: maximum 40 key strokes.
Author/s: name and surname of each author (in the case of joint authorship, give the names of the three main authors and add “et al.”). Professional and/or academic qualifications and the author’s institutional affiliation should be given underneath the byline. Please provide a contact address for written communication, clarification or information.
Abstract: It should be about 200 words. It should explain the contents of the text and encourage the reader to continue reading. It is an important part of the article because it will be published online with free access.
If the article concerns research or one or more clinical cases, the IMRAD structure (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion) should be followed.
Key words: 3 to 7 words that enable the work to be “selected/identified” from the data base.
Text: Use the IMRAD format (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion), as in the abstract. In particular:

forClinical cases it is advisable to focus on a case analysis, the selection of symptoms, prescribing strategy, differential diagnosis and the follow-up);
• for Clinical trials or Homeopathic provings, the research design should contain clear references to the type of statistic analysis employed.

Tables, figures and diagrams: these should be sent in separate files; they should be referred to in the text and should be accompanied by captions explaining the contents and a key for any abbreviations. Tables should be numbered sequentially.
Acknowledgements (if desired) and declarations of sponsorship
Bibliography: the bibliographical entries should refer only to quotations in the text, indicated by Arabic numerals in superscript at the end of a sentence and listed at the end of the text in order of appearance. The format for references should observe the following criteria:

Initials of the names of the authors without dots, included after the surname.
• Title of the book, volume or article in Roman type (not italicised)
• Capital letter for the first word of the title of the work and for names.
• Page number
• Publisher if there are references to chapters of books or books.


a. do not use the commercial names of remedies;
b. explicitly mention sponsorships;
c. do not mention the patient’s name and surname but use initials or an imaginary name;
d. provide a key for any abbreviations used. Names of homeopathic remedies should follow the binomial system and standard abbreviations (e.g. Nat-m.). Potencies should be clearly indicated and the dilution scale should be specified (CH, K, LM or Q, DH…),
e. the names of homeopathic remedies, books or journals should appear in italics;
f. avoid self-citation.

Layout of manuscripts
The journal is published in A4 format and page numbers should use Arabic numerals.
Use Times New Roman, 12 point font, single-spaced.
Illustrative material and photos will be accepted either in JPEG or PDF format.
Manuscripts will be accepted in Italian and English.
Costs: Publication in Il Medico Omeopata is free.


Manuscripts submitted for publication should be original work. Authors should not submit previously published work nor submit work simultaneously to other journals.
The texts and illustrative material shall remain the property of Il Medico Omeopata.

Upon acceptance of an article, authors will be asked to sign a copyright transfer agreement as well as written permission to reproduced material (diagrams, graphs, figures, texts or other illustrative material) from works that have been previously published and/or are covered by copyright.
The accepted work must not be published elsewhere, either wholly or in part.

The journal, including all individual contributions and illustrations published therein, is legally protected by copyright for the term of copyright protection. Any use, exploitation or commercialization outside the narrow limits set by copyright law, without the publisher’s consent, is illegal and liable to criminal prosecution. This applies in particular to copying or other forms of duplication, translation or preparation of CDs and electronic data processing or storage.

All scientific works submitted to the journal are reviewed by independent experts in the scientific field.
An editorial decision is made within 30 days of receipt of a manuscript; the editors reserve the right to modify the style and length of any article submitted so that it conforms to the journal format. The editors also reserve the right, when they believe it is justified, to ask for the text to be modified.
Proofs will be sent to the corresponding author and corrections must be returned within the time specified by the editor.

The final decision to publish material lies with the journal editor.