Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis – LMHI

The Liga Medicorum Internationalis Homeopathica (better known as LIGA) was founded in Rotterdam (Sept. 10th ,1925). It represents at an international level the most ancient and prestigious organization for the homeopathic physicians all over the world (more than 70 countries).
The main objective of LMHI is “…the development and securing of homeopathy worldwide … and the creation of a link among licensed homeopaths with medical diplomas and societies and persons who are interested in homeopathy”.

The LMHI is exclusively devoted to non-profit activities serving philanthropic benefits. Every single year one of the country members organizes a World Congress.

Venue for all our LMHI Congresses

– 70th LMHI Congress: 25-29 August 2015, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
– 71st LMHI Congress: 24-27 August 2016, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
– 72nd LMHI Congress: 14-17 June 2017, Leipzig (Germany)
– 73rd LMHI Congress: 2018 South Africa
– 74th LMHI Congress: 2019, Italy
– 75th LMHI Congress: 2020, Turkey

Each country designates its own Vicepresident, whose mandate lasts for three years.
The Vicepresident for Italy is Dr. Francesco V. Marino (Rome), who is also the FIAMO Vicepresident.
The Italian Associations which adhere to LMHI are the following:

Fondazione Omeopatica Italiana (FOI)
Federazione Italiana Associazioni Medici Omeopati (FIAMO)
Libera Università Internazionale di Medicina Omeopatica (LUIMO)

The present LMHI President is Dr. Renzo Galassi (Macerata), a member of FIAMO, was elected during the 68th World Congress (Quito, Ecuador, June 2013).
The present LMHI Governance is composed by:

– Vicepresident: Alook Pareek (India)
– General Secretary: Jelka Milic (Croatia)
– Secretary for Archives: Martin Dinges (Germany)
– Secretary for Education: Gustavo Cataldi (Argentina)
– Secretary for Dentistry: Gloria Feilghestein (Brasil)
– Secretary for the Liga Letter: Richard Hiltner (USA)
– Secretary for Pharmacy: Amarylis de Toledo Cesar (Brasil)
– Secretary for Public Relations: Sara Eames (UK)
– Secretary for Research: Raj Kumanda Marchanda (India)
– Treasurer: Yves Feignart (Belgium)

LMHI President
Dr. Renzo Galassi
Macerata, Italy

National Vice President for Italy
Dr. Francesco V. Marino
Via della Divisione Torino 6 – 00143 ROMA, Italy

The LMHI head office is currently located in Hahnemann’s actual house in Germany:
Köthen, Wallstrasse 47, Germany.

The Secretariat office is in Turkey.
Ms Evin Turkay
LMHI Secretariat
1388 sok No:6 D:2 Alsancak
35220 Izmir, Turkey
phone: 0090-538-3278804
fax: 0090-232-4215636